Mobile Apps create an Engaging Brand Experience

Mobile Applications are part of our lifestyle today, designed to make our life easier and at our finger tips.

In the past many website owners felt mobile responsive webpage was sufficient for mobile users, but the app will not just be an extension of your website, as it is today, but a separate essential branded digital experience of engagement to promote, build loyalty and call to action their users.

Whether it is a shopping application, a game (should be relevant to your business), educational or a product locator it must be something useful to the user. Developing an App is a powerful strategy to engage the user and retain their loyalty. The more they like the app the more they will share the app promoting your brand.

Clipcube will work with you to devise an multi-lingual application across iPhone and Android platforms and your website, that promotes your brand. We will develop the app, distribute to it iTunes, Google Play and other App stores and market the app via social media.

If your website is developed using Drupal, we can make a simple Mobile App which can be placed on the different platforms. The as the information is updated on your website, it will be automatically updated on your app. This saves you time and effort in aupdating 2 independent platforms.

What App would suit my business?

This really depends on your business and the interests and behaviors of your target market.

Mobile app branding

What is your objective?

Mobile app design calculator

  • It could be brand awareness, so you may want to develop a game, which illustrates your brand and products as part of the game.
  • It could be to call the customer to action. In this case the app would be something useful to your customers, like a calculator of a type. Like design a bathroom with selected materials, to send to your office to calculate a cost. See here...