Film, Video and Photograph Shoot Casting in Thailand


ClipCube has a database of media talent, through our own network, regional commuity theatres Thailand talent websites and though our relationships with local agencies. Our pool of talent range from local resident talent, both foreign and Thai, to international talent from UK, Europe, US and Australia. We cast for extras, professional actors and semi professional actors and leading roles. 


Who do we cast:


ClipCube casts , actors, comedian, models, musicians, sports celebritiesClipCube Thai and foreign casts , actors, actresses, comedian, models, musicians, sports celebrities.


We cast for:


  • Feature movies and short  films/documentries with re-enactments.
  • TV and web commercials
  • Television
  • Movies
  • Advertising photo shoots
  • Fashion


Our network within the acting, comedy, modelling, singing, and sports circles are extensive allowing us access to different grades of stars from different countries.


Casting Process Brief:

  • A brief of the project, number of days shoot and associated budget for each level of the cast (we will provide you estimate Thailand based rates).
  • Provide a brief of the requirements, role for the casting position required, script breakdown where relevant and candidates personal information (gender, age, ethnicity, and personal physical characteristics).
  • ClipCube will cast call the requirements and request to view the applicants' video reel and photograph portfolio including headshot, plus past experience.
  • Short listed candidates will be invited to a audition(s), where we will video the candidates and send to the producer and director.
  • Contracts are signed with the selected talent which can be with the client or ClipCube.The same applies to talent payment.


Please note that non Thai talent require a work permit, which we can obtain from the Thai Film Office in Bangkok, if they do not have one supplied by an agency.



ClipCube will help you identify the most suitable candidates to fit your objectives and budget.