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About ClipCube Media

ClipCube Media provides brand and content development, online marketing via social media and Google Adwords, website development, print design and printing and event management. ClipCube is a division of World Communications Technologies (WCT) Company Limited, which was established in 1996 in Bangkok providing software and networking solutions. Today WCT has interests in businesses ranging from telecoms, training, software supply and development.

ClipCube Media was established in Bangkok from a passion for media development and the growth of the internet brand marketing across multiple platforms. Clipcube media's creativity and WCT's experience of the IT has allowed ClipCube Media to produce digital media with a full understanding of the corporate and Internet environments, providing a well rounded creative and technologically aware solution.

Our Bangkok audio and video / photography studios and post production facilities support our regional presence, and has grown due to the quality of our work, referrals, professional processes and viewer results we produce. Though we are based in Bangkok, we have made documentaries in India, and Thailand, as well as adverts, infomercials, interviews, training/health and safety videos and stage performances. We also support foreign film crews planning to film in Thailand and are certified by the Thai Film Office as official coordinators to process permits, filming applications and onsite supervision via our Thai and foreign staff.

This combination of media development, business acumen, brand marketing knowledge and technology awareness allows ClipCube Media to provide a well rounded service of planned solutions and deliverables that meet our clinets' objectives.

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ClipCube Media's Business

ClipCube Media works with their clients to provide an end to end digital media presence with a focus on promoting our clients brand and business across the Internet and other relevant media though our portfolio of services. We project your message to reach your brand's target markets.

We work with you to understand your brand to create a strategic media plan, selecting the most appropriate platforms; planning and creating the content (images/video/blogs, etc.) to distribute the media across social networks, blogs and websites and other digital media. In addition to promoting the media via PPC, we select specific sites, within that country, that will create an impact  and place advertising on behalf of our clients.

Our objective is to promote your brand and engage your target market to develop and retain your customer base. BUT it is not just about business. ClipCube Media also develops topical social issue video documentaries that are of public interest.

ClipCube Media manages social media and web assets for small and large organizations, from our Bangkok office, creating content from graphics, competitions, events, posting and managing content; to making quirky videos, documentaries, product videos, advertising and real estate and hospitality videos. We take the extra step of marketing the digital. Production management for large and small productions are regular requirements where we shoot or manage a shoot for production houses.

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ClipCube Media Support

ClipCube Media supports our clients via regular meetings, providing creative input and ensuring your brand guidelines are followed across all content development and platforms. We also prodice a regular, brief newsletter and blogs to keep our clients up to date with new developments and do it yourself tips and tricks.

We provide online project access allowing our clients to see what is happening and when, ensuring transparency and inviting them to be part of the process. We provide in-house digital media development services, management services on a world wide basis through our international network of partner production houses, centralizing management and post editing in Thailand.

ClipCube Media has up to date studios, its own video production team and equipment , web development and programming staff, certified web promotion experts, event management, as well as a creative team that not only thinks out of the box but understands the business environment and culture it operates in.