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How we can help you.

About SEO and SEM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of a website or a landing page in the organic search results of search engine result pages. The higher and more frequent a site appears in the search engine result page the larger number of visitors it receives. These visitors will ultimately convert into customers thus generating revenue for the website.


What is the difference between SEO and SEM, and what should I focus on?


The goal of SEO is to attract users organically – without paying for it. (SEM) Search Engine Marketing - buying traffic through paid search listings like Google AdWords, and social media

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The search engines display results that they think are authoritative and relevant based on the user’s search and the sites they’ve crawled and indexed. How do they measure these results? The search engines look at the quality of your website in terms of code and usability using ever changing algorithms. They also review the content on your website, looking for unique text, changing content and very importantly, video content, to determine if there is a match with the user’s intent. Backlinks drive traffic to your website and most importantly the search engines will review the sites content related to the keywords people use to search on the subject.


SEM Defined

Though SEM involves paid advertising, it also involves SEO as content, designs and selection of keywords must be managed, It includes various paid advertising techniques include Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, and many more, plus techniques to that multiply sharing of content and building calls to action.


Focus on BOTH

SEO will provide a better long term result, as it is developed from organic growth. As people search for a specific topic old and new content is referenced by the search engines. SEM will provide a short term boost to promote your brand, but it only lasts as long as you are paying, but can lead to higher conversion as advertising is pinpointed to your target market, on a geographical and demographic basis. The best results come from a combination of both.


How to measure the effectiveness?


SEO can be measured for the increased traffic you receive to your website and your increased ranking. You will also see increases in views to blogs and to specific landing pages. However, most importantly is the number of enquiries you receive. This is different from the number of sales you receive, as SEO can only introduce the customer, not close the sale.


SEM can be measured by stats on impressions, click through, and increased visits to specific pages on your website.


How can we help you?

ClipCube has many years of experience in SEO and therefore will sit with you to understand your what you do, your target market, and competitors. We will analyze your existing website to determine whether it is SEO optimized, your brand guidelines and other digital assets plus what content you presently develop, keywords you have selected and review your blog and social media activity.


We will provide a recommendation and solution around your budget.


All clients are provided project management management access where we plan our work and where required, request approval for articles, blog posts etc.


What do we do? Simple, we create content and distribute it using different methods and strategies.


Here is a typical list of our base activities:

  • Keyword research and selection of most relevant keywords.
  • Report of chosen keywords to be sent to customer for confirmation.
  • Research of competing websites online marketing campaigns for chosen keywords.
  • SEO plan of action and strategy drafted up for internal use.
  • Initial content specifications laid out for content writers.
  • Setup of Google analytics to track results.

Monthly Tasks

  • Initial & ongoing optimization of onsite landing pages to improve relevance for chosen & new keywords.
  • Ongoing competitor research & analysis focusing on the competitors targeted keywords, onsite page optimization and backlink profiles.
  • Content  research, graphics creation and writing for Blogs, Articles, and Press Releases.
  • Website blog optimization and management.
  • Content distribution with created contents on free and paid third party websites from our distribution database and data collected from competitor research.
  • Backlink profile analysis to ensure inbound link quality and to protect against competitor sabotage. 
  • End of month report outlining work, work log, ranking positions, traffic analysis and comparison and authority analysis.