Google AdWords and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Google adwords


Google AdWords is the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising you see appear in the form of sponsored links down the right-hand column and sometimes at the top of Google search pages. Advertisers bid on certain keywords or Key phrases for their two-line Google AdWords advertisement and each click-through to the advertiser's website results in a variable fee, depending on the cost (per click) of the keyword, click-through ratio and other parameters.

Which Google AdWords Services do we provide?

Campaigns are developed, run and managed by a Google AdWords certified Thai and foreign team. We provide services across multiple languages, with Thai and English being the most common.

We provide a complete Google AdWords service that includes:

  • Identification of keywords for your Google AdWords campaign.
  • Creation of pay per click custom reports to analyze your costs and return on investment (ROI).
  • Advice on the various Google AdWords bidding options: keyword-specific bidding, content bidding and ad position preference.
  • Tracking conversion rates, researching and advising on placement targeting options (Google AdWords allows you to run adverts on other relevant sites and search engines).
  • Advert design, Landing Page and AdWords Ad optimization


Other SEM services we Provide.

As part of our SEM packages we also provide advert and banner placements on other relevant websites and social media like Facebook, YouTube, Line messaging etc.

By bundling the different media into campaigns your results are superior because you are visible across different platforms and media, using the same artwork.thereby reducing your cost and maximising your visability.