Keep It Simple Stupid with Video Scribe & Explainer Videos

What is an Explainer & Video Scribe? 

What is an Explainer Video? Click Here >>>    A Video Scribe example - using a hand   

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How To Get Started with your Video Scribe of Explainer video

A video scribe and another term, whiteboard sketch are one and the same, because in both you will see a hand drawing the images. Explainer videos encapsulate scribe videos but do not include a hand drawing the images.

ClipCube designs your Video Scribe or Explainer video using existing characters and graphics, or we will create unique characters,and graphics from scratch.

All production is undertaken in Bangkok, Thailand whether for overeas or local clients, which allows us to provide competitve prices and multiple languages. We manage our overseas work simply, by making sure we get all the details in writing via a questionaire, as you would expect, and also speaking directly with the client by telephone or via skype. Drafts are uploaded to our project site for private viewing and approval. So it really is no different from working with our client in Thailand or overseas.

Both types of videos follow the same production planning process, with the focus on creating a video of simple images/graphics, with clear messages, a dynamic voice over and suitable background music. One easy way to explain it, is to produce a 1 minute lift presentation. ClipCube Media help you through the process of planning your video and produce a unique video that holds your viewer's attention and calls them to action.


Examples of our Explainer video production:


Example of our video scribe production (click to enlarge):

Some Facts:

  1. Explainer videos turn up at least between 90 to 95% return on investment. That means you make far more than you invest.
  2. Those using video win substantially more revenue than those who don’t.
  3. A Forbes Study revealed that 59% of C-Suite executives would prefer to watch video over reading text if both are presented on a page. The same study showed that 39% of executives called a vendor after seeing an online video.
  4. A 2012 report by Invodo showed that over half of eCommerce buyers report feeling more confident in a purchase decision after watching a product video.
  5. According to this research by iStockPhoto, overall online video consumption has risen by 800% in the last 5 years, doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.
  6. It’s also been said that by 2015, 90% of all web video consumption will be by 18-34 year olds – a generation with tremendous online shopping power.
  7. It is recognized that people spend far more time and visit more pages after watching your video.
  8. People using social media are interested in watching explainer and scribe videos,as the are short and amusing.
  9. The SEO value of the videos is and will continue to be a very powerful influence on your search engine ranking.
  10. Explainer videos are becoming more advanced, allowing an affordable option to SMEs to develop advertising on a lower budget and further reach.


How To Get Started? 

Email the below information with your contact details OR Simply complete this form - Click here

  1. What is your industry?
  2. Provide a brief description of the video and its objective?
  3. Who is it aimed at? Consumers, trade or experts in your industry.
  4. How many minutes should it be? 1, 2, 3 or more.
  5. What language(s) do you require?
  6. Do you require a voice over? If so, male or female; accent (English: British/US/Australian)
  7. Will you provide the script or will we make it for you?
  8. Do you want moving animation or or static characters?
  9. Do you want unique characters or stock characters?
  10. Do you want to include photgraphs or video footage in the video?

Estimate time to complete a project is 2-3 weeks.

ClipCube will work with you though the process of developing the script, the scenes, intro and outro to the video and the call to action.