Why hold an event and not tell people about it?

ClipCube will work with you to develop an event that will create interest and visibility that attracts your target market, press and promotes your brand's /event's uniqueness.

To put it simply - we create strategic integrated experiences that form a human connection between brand/event  and its target audience by engaging them before. during and after your event.

We work with you to create the concept, plan, make the plan reality , promote, manage, run the event and evaluate its performance.






Be it part of a CSR program, a charity, corporate event, seminar, trade show, we have proven experience.

In comedy, a golf or other sports activity/event, challenges, training or we can create something completely crazy and mad that will attract public attention.

If you have special audio visual requirements, video links or need specific props for your event, being also a video production company has provided us with a multitude of unique experiences and contacts.

ClipCube has the experience organising challenges like tuk tuk runs across India, Comedy event, Charity drives etc. We not only manage and promote the event, we capture the experience via video and sound. We promote your brand to people's senses.

Can you do it yourself ? Of course you can, if you have the experience, creative talent, contacts, equipment and organizational skills - and time. Your event is your brand. Your public face. Your asset. Our testimonial.

What do we do?

  1. Develop Event Concept, Goal and Objectives and agree how the Success is going to be Measured.
  2. Organize a Team to identify points of contact and responsibilities.
    • Venue management and room design.
    • Coordinate vendors speakers, and book event hosts and entainers.
    • Logistics - flights, hotels, transport, importing of equipment /displays
    • Displays - what, where and at what point to show (presentations)
    • Technical - sound, lighting, video
    • Entertainment - payment, conditions, expectations, visas and permits
    • Promotion, publicity, ticketing
    • Financial management
    • Sponsors
  3. ​Set a Date - Check competitive events, school and religious holidays, seasonal weather conditions, etc.
  4. Brand Your Event - Create the theme, message and decide how to conveyto the audience.
  5. Schedule your event - Identify dependencies, what will be done first, the event schedule and timing and who will do what.
  6. Build a communication plan - what mediums to use, video teaser, invites, calls to action, ticketing design plus terms and conditions.
  7. Create a Master Plan of all elements of the event, along with checklists.
  8. Determine administrative processes - ticketing/registration, payments, reporting.
  9. Identify and Establish Partnerships & Sponsors,and write up agreements.
  10. Establish a Budge - the financials are important but also budget the time andinternal resources / values involved.
  11. Agree to the Evaluation Criteria.
  12. Implement, Meet and Manage.

For a successful event the earlier you start the better. A minimum of 4-6 months is recommended.