Be Recognised as a Community Sponsor

Supporting charities and good causes, or sponsoring self help educational initiatives is only a small part of the OFFICIAL formula of being a good Global Citizen and can be aligned with your Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

ClipCube Activities

At ClipCube, we are not stating we are experts in Cororate Social Responsibility or Global Citizenship area, but what we do is what we believe in, supporting the less fortunate. We run events to generate funds for Charities we trust, respect and are actively involved. Our focus has been The Gift of Happiness Foundation, where we sponsor and run a comedy show annually, generating more than $25,000 which goes to provide education, medicine, clothes etc. for stateless and less fortunate people in Thailand.

ClipCube Branding Services

  • Our Bangkok "CSR" team will assist an organisation in finding the charity, event or organise an event that best fits your brand.
  • We manage a database of charities and charitable events,and vet organisations we are not familiar with, to ensure they are legitimate, covering their regulatory status, their projects and lead staff.
  • We coordiate with the organisations on behalf of the client to ensure agreements and outcomes are met.
  • We manage the client's signage and position to make sure it is seen and displayed in the correct manner per brand guidelines.
  • We manage interviews, speakers, VIPs and ensure communications are tested.
  • We work with our clients to video/photograph the activites, develop the content and promote your involvement.

Though we work on behalf of our clients, we also see this as working for success of the activity/charity, ensuring all expectations are met. A failure by any party is a failure for all.

Consumers and businesses today are more receptive to organisations, to become involved in their local communities, when it comes to issues that matter to them. They expect to see brand leaders give back to their communities, and reward them by positively differentiating them against competitive brands and similar organisations.

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