ClipCube media is certified with the Thai Film Office as a coordinator


Post editing > Graphic explainer videos > Casting and talent > Aerial Drone filming Foreign film production support

ClipCube Video Production includes: Animation / Announcements / Commercials and Infomercials / Corporate show reels /  Documentaries / Events and performances / Event teasers / Explainer videos (Whiteboard or HD background with animation) / Interviews with or without presenter / Mini dramas / Quirky and funny viral videos / Product videos (consumer and manufacturing) / Sports events / Underwater / Customer testimonial videos /Training videos

Video example with interviews, time lapse and street footageWhy Make a Video?

Simple communication; brand image reinforcement; position your business; give character to your brand; say a lot in a short period of time; people will watch a video but not read; multi sensory communications engage your audience; customize to your target market and call to action; recognised as the most effective SEO strategy.

ClipCube Media do not just produce videos, we work with you to select the style and message and plan the video. We optimize the video, creating versions suitable for big screen viewing, for example at an exhibition or seminar and for the web. Once ready for publishing, our online video marketing team promote and distribute your video to ensure it is seen by your target audience and shared. We internationalise / localise videos with local language titles, subtitles and voice overs. Why make a video if no one sees it?

We have made many videos, of different types, for large, medium and small businesses some of which you can view on our ClipCube Media YouTube channel. Our work has received positive reviews.

Online Video Marketing

Our video production services include video marketing. Video is optimizing for the web and mobile devices, to minimise download and maximise the qulity of streaming. In addition, we use keyword terms, selective video sites and blogs and amongst other methods, to promote your video and ensure your video is seen.

See our article about Video Blogging


  1. Video pre - production, treatment development, story board development, location selection, actors/models/celebrities casting (see below).
  2. Onsite/Studio shooting - Equipment, wardrobe, logistics, accommodation, permits, film / sound / lighting crew.
  3. Post editing - both from our and 3rd party supplied production crew footage.
  4. Video online marketing and distribution.
  5. Production management and coordination for foreign film makers and production.

Filming locations: S. E. Asia

Facilities: Green screen, sound and video editing studios, in central Bangkok and Eastern Seaboard

Equipment: We have our own equipment, and have access to specialist equipment if required.

Our Approach

The principle behind making an engaging video is to have a clear objective, create a detailed story board and shot plan including script, shot angles, lighting (time to shoot), characters and resources required; and to work as a team with the client to plan the video. Our  key elements includes the 6 Ps:

  1. Planning and storyboard development
  2. People, props and location search
  3. Pre-production coordination and coaching
  4. Production and direction
  5. Post editing and special effects
  6. Packaging for distribution channel (TV/Online/disk)
  7. Promotion

See the ClipCube Video Channel for samples of our work.



Corporate Communications

ClipCube Media plan, develop and produce innovative and absorbing corporate video content, including webcasts, interviews, promotional and events, enabling brands, businesses and organisations of all sizes to connect and engage with their audiences. Whether communicating with staff, reaching out to potential clients or promoting your business online, our complete customisable solutions are designed to deliver your message, entertain audiences and drive responses.


ClipCube media plan, produce and distribute documentaries that matter. Adventure, environmental and social issues documentaries are produced either illustrated as a corporate story, and via sponsorship from various sources to address and illustrate a specific issue. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key driver behind such documentaries and support and publicize supported charities and how corporations look beyond profit.

Branded Entertainment

ClipCube Media produces original, entertaining and creative content, including viral videos, web series, online promos and video ads, enabling brands, advertisers and businesses in all industries to communicate and engage with their target audiences. As content marketing continues to redefine the relationship between brands and their customers, our branded video packages offer a complete proposition delivering greater brand awareness and recognition, increased audience conversation and maximum returns.

Digital Publishing

ClipCube Media is an experienced multi-platform producer of editorial content across a wide variety of styles and formats, including How To films, interviews, behind the scenes, live shows, infomercials and advertising videos. Using our expertise as a pioneering video publisher we offer a creative and cost-effective solution for digital publishers, marketers and organisations providing all of the services required to enhance your video content proposition.

Training Videos

ClipCube Media script, develop and produce informative, engaging and effective training and instructional video content for businesses and institutions across a wide range of areas, including technology, education, retail, automotive, healthcare, finance and pharmaceuticals. As a successful video publisher we understand the importance of powerful delivery, clear messaging and informed audiences. We offer a custom-made solution to meet the needs of every business providing all the services required to educate employees, inform customers and recruit new business.